Cyclone Box is a flash and service tool for the latest Nokia BB5, DCT-L, DCT4, DCT4+ cell phones.

  1. USB bus only powered, current in idle state is only ~55mA!
  2. First in world Flexible Pinout configurations via software. You can use for example TX2 pin on any RJ48 output I/O pin to avoid current cable mess on market.
  3. First in world built-in 10pin Diagnostic service for measurment phone damages, via: Voltage, Current, Frequency, STI bus.
  4. Very fast frequencies, very fast flasher. Real bus speed up to 10-11 MBit, using two datalines too.
  5. UFS/JAF Compatible pinout.
  6. Switchable VPP - either External (when power supply is given) or Internally generated signal, boosting flashing/erasing speed much.
  7. Advanced selftests system.
  8. Supports both FlashBus and USB connections for Nokia phones.
  9. Built-in secure SmartCard.
  10. No problems with other boxes. We use own drivers, which not making problems for other smartcard / FTDI devices. Just plug&play. And enjoy.

Product Details

  • DCT4+ Direct unlock without flash patching: No more need to install mcu files to unlock. Direct 1 click unlock
  • Extremely fast flashing with Dual line facility.
  • Switchable VPP - for ultra fast work.
  • Advanced self tests system
  • BB5 Resets Security Code without any data loss in phone.
  • 1 Click repair bad downgrade of bb5 models without flash or 308 restore

New security DCT4plus SUPPORTED

Thu, 5 Aug 2010

Hello, from now we support direct unlocking (no...
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Cyclone Box Installer v1.06 Released

Thu, 5 Aug 2010

Some important bugs fixed related to DCT4 RSA...
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CycloneBox! FREE Blackberry Logger/Calculator, FREE

Thu, 5 Aug 2010

-Blackberry Module added, support all latest 210 MEPs....
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Cyclone Box Firmware v01.42 Released

Wed, 4 Aug 2010

Cyclone Box Firmware v01.42 Released Hi, new Cyclone...
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Installer v1.08

Wed, 4 Aug 2010
  1. Added new Nokia FBUS Loaders for Old and...